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im pretty laid back i get along with just about anyone im fun to be around cause i love to laugh my friends and family is what makes my life great if youd like to know more just message me :)
HighSchool: Hopkinsville High School
Music: i happen to listen to a lil bit of is my escape from the world..
TV: id have to say "that 70s show"
Books: I have only read one series and it is "twilight"
Sports: i enjoy some backyard football,basketball,volleyball,sometimes baseball im not that good,but swimming is my life in the time is when the sports come in..
Interests: i enjoy talking on the phone texting is an addiction i love to sing hang with friends && tattoos and pirecings
Movies: my fav. movie would have to "a walk to remember"
BestFeatures: my best features would have to be my eyes and hair
Dreams: i have to say i cant share my dream

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