Patrick F8


Gender Man
I am looking for: Man (23-25)
Zip Code: 84401
Age: 39
Height: 0 ft. 0 in.
Body: Unspecified
Ethnicity Didn't say
Education: Didn't say
Has Kids: Didn't say


Well I am from the Great State Of Utah born and raised. I am a easy person to get to know, although I am a stuborn person. I have had a not so good past like many people have, but I am the person that has learned from the mistakes that I have done. The past is the past, the future is what really matters in my life. I am the only one in my family to ever recieve a High School Diploma, & attended college. I am the type of person that still cares for my friends that have treated me with disrespect, I won't judge or hold a grudge against them. I still love them regardless of what they have done to me. It only makes me stronger. Just like that song by Britney Spears "STRONGER". When it becomes my time to return from where I came from there is one song that I request that be played "Go Rest High On That Mountain" By Vince Gill....
HighSchool: Northridge High School
College: Weber State University
Music: Reba McEntire Phil Collins Greenday Celion Dion Cher Carrie Underwood Britney Spears Alabama The Judds & all other sorts of music
TV: CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) CSI Miami GOLDEN GIRLS
Books: Clan Of The Cave Bear The Valley Of The Horses The Mammoth Hunters The Plains Of Passage Twilight
Sports: Sports? HMMM what could i actually like about Sports? They are all interesting
Interests: I like to go Camping & bowling but I really love to play pool. I Like meeting people who are very honest with other people. I do not like fake people. I also enjoy building cars. I like going to Moab, Utah I would like to meet someone that don't like to judge people for there past and those who do not hold grudges. I want that person to be themselves and not someone that is fake. Also someone that is honest & can be respectful towards me. I also that is not into violence, & someone that can love me for me & not cheat or look at other guys just to get back at me. You must be very sincere & want to make something of your life & have goals for your future. If your into drugs move on, I don not like to be with someone that does drugs, SORRY..& someone that can analyze the thoughts, feelings, people, & events in their life. So that they can make the best decisions regarding any trouble matter. Also to expand the boundaries of their emotional limitations to create stronger personalities, partnerships, friendships, & home & work enviroments. Also to be able to communicate on the same level, experience mutual positive loving relationship, & become a more complete human being.
Movies: Quarantine The Bone Collector Twilight Phantom Of The Opera (GREAT MOVIE)
BestFeatures: I would have to say my best features are my eye's and the way people tell me that I have a nice Ass, so i guess my Ass also. LOL.
Dreams: You know I have many dreams that I could list on here, but the main dream that I would really love to have right now is, That I could find a decent guy that I could be with forever and that is strait forward on things, and honest. But that is very rare here in Utah.

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