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    6 ft. 3 in.
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    Masters Degree
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    Self Employed
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I am an honest man with a great sense of humor,caring, a good listener,honest.I find strength of character, confidence in making decisions, integrity and openness in communication, playfulness in life, and generosity in showing affection all attractive characteristics in someone.
I enjoy stimulating and spirited conversations that engages my mind and emotions as it is an opportunity to engage in a passionate way. I am all for passion,life is beautiful and we can achieve to live in it beautifully. I have learn to be
honest and straight forward. loving and easy going. A one woman man and a great lover. I lost my wife a couple of years ago and I have been in my own shell but now is the time to move on. I am not into game playing or lie telling and if you are looking for such then please look further but if you are looking for that honest and straightforward relationship
please give me a chance I am not interested in heart breakers, liars, racists,procrastinators and lazy people depending on the type of laziness.

What I am looking for

I do hope to come across someone who will love me for me,I want to meet who will be there for me always and making our relationship an understanding one. I know there are ups and downs on one's path but I'll hopeful believe that in the rest of the time we have things done in common. Life is beautiful and we can accomplish the beauty of life. I am a family oriented man and I want to meet someone with some good qualities. Honest, caring, not self centered and a goal together. I love to keep my sanity and integrity intact,I am not looking for a one night stand. I am looking for that honest and happy relationship.