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    5 ft. 3 in.
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    High School
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I’m an Asian/American single-leaguer trying to live a stress/drama free life. I’m known to be a mouthy smart-aleck comedian. I’m a brother in arms, and a mentor. I’m open minded and understanding, so I Listen when talk to, communication is always key! I’m not perfect but I do take care of myself, I’m a Gym-Rat and a Martial Artist. I like movies, Alternative Rock, hip-hop music, and top 40's. Occasionally I’m into billiards/pool, and watching a good sports game. I also like spending weekends down in Galveston. I live a balanced lifestyle, I work to live not live to work. I work the standard 8-5 Mon to Fri shift so I’m home in time for dinner and I got the weekends off. I’m not rich or poor, but I make enough to survive on. I got some patience but not a lot. If your interested, please drop me a line!

What I am looking for

I'm looking for a long-term girlfriend, a best friend, someone I can share some good laughs and fun moments with. I want a mature woman who, like me, lives a balance life style who has a job but has time to have a life and is capable of standing on her own without any financial and physical support. I don’t want a mom replacement, no one can replace my parents!! Being overall perfect is not a factor, as long as she can match my lifestyle, lives a balanced lifestyle and believes in and practices good health.