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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for #1 totally free dating site in the world Free.Date. Better than any singles dating app, it just the best free mobile dating site and singles network online.

  1. How do I search for local singles at


Answer: offers you tons of easy ways to find singles based on shared interests or location. 

Look for these easy search boxes on all results pages to easily search singles all around the world by country, state or region, and city as well as zip code.


  • *You can even search other niche dating sites using your Free.Date membership. This enables you to contact singles of other dating sites directly from your Free.Date master profile. Users of Free.Date come from either Free.Date or over 100 different niche dating sites that are part of the FDN network. Member profiles are shared across the entire free dating network when they join any FDN network dating site. Some users prefer to just be a part of that SPECIFIC niche dating site they joined. While others want to have the greatest likelihood of getting someone so they keep their profiles across the entire network. The exciting part is you can search other dating sites directly from Free.Date or hop over to any of the communities below and search members that may have chosen to appear on the dating site you are using now. You can even use different images to tailor your profile to those specific communities!


  • Choose from any of free dating sites below, use your same chosen Free.Date password and username and login. The simply search click the Advanced Search tab. (*This Feature is coming soon)


Other sites on same network:


2. How do I delete my account on FDN Friends Date Network / Free.Date?


Answer: Only users can delete profiles we cannot remove profiles. You merely need to login, go to your settings page, and click the DELETE BUTTON and then click the UPDATE button. This removes all your information PERMANENTLY and FOREVER from our databases. Below is a tutorial video. We only want members who are active and genuinely looking to meet others at our truly free dating site and this is why we make it so super simple to delete your profile at


3. How do I opt out of a specific site but maintain my membership on other FDN free dating communities.


Answer: login and go to your settings page. Unselect any communities you do not wish to use or have your profile appear on. Then click the UPDATE button to save your new settings.


4. How does 'Match Me’ automatic matchmaker feature work?


Answer: The ‘Match Me’ tab auto suggests first premium members, then other local singles who live nearby.


5. Do you have an dating site affiliate program? How does it work?


Answer: Yes. affiliate program is located at You can also register or get general details here. The Free.Date dating site affiliate program is one of the only dating affiliate program online that pays affiliates for free joins. Make sure to check it out if you have a blog or enjoy online marketing as this is an easy way to make some extra money.


6. I lost my username or password. How do I access the site and/or reset my password.


Answer: use the password reset feature. Make sure you check your spam. It's common with dating sites that email will be in spam. Follow that link and choose a new password. Refresh screen if your in same window where prior password attempt failed. After doing so you should have no more issues with access. Do make sure that time that you have saved password / username combination.  *Please be aware you can insert the email you registered with as the username and this too will get you if it's just the username you have forgotten.


7. Is there any costs at all associated with membership?


Answer: No. Free.Date is a totally free dating site. This means you can send and receive messages without any cost.


8. Are there any ways to get featured higher than other members in my hometown and increase the likelihood of getting more messages, winks, favorites, and meeting more singles?


Answer: Yes. For heavy users who want to be featured as top profiles in a city we offer a low cost $7.99 monthly SUPER USER membership. AS A SUPER USER YOUR PROFILE COMES UP FIRST IN YOUR CITY AND YOU CAN SEND OR RECEIVE UNLIMITED MESSAGES.


9. How do I send messages?


Answer: Once you create a complete profile with 4 clear photos of yourself you are able to send messages directly to any member directly on their  profile page. The message box looks like this. Type in your message and click send.


10. How do I report a member I suspect is a scammer?


Answer: The reality is no amount of moderating keeps all the scammers out and the collective community effort is is how we detect those with bad intent. With that said, please make sure to click the REPORT THIS USER button on a profile if you get a message that looks like the users is a scammer or asks you to go off site to hangouts or elsewhere. Look for RED FLAGS and NEVER EVER SEND MONEY OR SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION with someone you do not know.


11. I have another question about advertising, business development, an idea for the site, or another general question. Where can I message the site management?


Answer: You can message Free.Date moderation team here and the appropriate department will reply.

Please make sure you also read the Terms of Service. Also if you want to learn more about the company and our mission take a moment to read our mission statement and about us page.