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Gender Man
I am looking for: Man (24-25)
Zip Code: 46204
Age: 38
Height: 0 ft. 0 in.
Body: Unspecified
Ethnicity Didn't say
Education: Didn't say
Has Kids: Didn't say


Im a great guy and been down a beaten dirt road in life and ready to start fresh and see what life can really give and make me feel alive again inside.
HighSchool: Ben Davis Senior High School
College: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
JuniorHighSchool: South Wayne Junior High School
ElementarySchool: Maplewood Elementary School
Music: i like it all....if it sounds good and has lyrics worth listening to and able to relate to it....music helps the mind
TV: Family Guy, V, X Factor, American Idol, House, Law & Order (all of them), Simpsons....Anything deals with the "what-ifs" and science and technology.
Books: John Grisham, some Danielle Steele books, Harry Potter, Stephen Hawking.
Sports: Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers....Peyton Manning, Adam Vinateri, Reggie Wayne, Reggie Miller...
Interests: Movies, talking, science, i love weather and space....would love to travel the stars. spending time with those that mean the world to me.
Movies: Transformers, Green Lantern, 2012, so many to name. Jessica Alba, Paul Walker, Ryan Reynolds, Vin Diesel, Jessica Biel....i can keep going.
BestFeatures: My eyes and my heart...
Dreams: I have so many dreams...i only have one most important....finding the right one to be with.

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