Gender Woman
I am looking for: Man (22-30)
Zip Code: 18503
Age: 35
Height: 0 ft. 0 in.
Body: Unspecified
Ethnicity Didn't say
Education: Didn't say
Has Kids: Didn't say


my name is tasha im 23 i recently moved from texas to Pennsylvania with my fiancee and 4 month old son . Im prolife , pro gay marrige and a practicing wiccan if this offends you oh well get off my page .
HighSchool: Kemp High School
JuniorHighSchool: Kemp Junior High School
ElementarySchool: Kemp Primary School
Music: Linkin park, Slipknot , Mudvayne, Lil Wayne, Icp, Korn, Kotton Mouth kings, Twiztid, Metallica, Nickelback, Lacuna Coil, Kittie, Pantera, Ozzy , Dope , Dimmu borgir, Cradle of filth, Pearl jam
TV: family guy , house, ghost hunters, ghost hunters international , paranormal state, bones
Books: the stand by stephen king, Anne Rice , Anne Rule , Stephen king, Nicholas sparks , James Patterson , Stephanie Meyer
Sports: The indianapolis Colts , San Antonio spurs and the dallas stars
Interests: going to movies and concerts , spending time with my son , reading , writing short stories
Movies: Interview with a vampire , The lost boys , the devils advocate, House of a thousand corpses , the devils rejects.
BestFeatures: wouldnt you like to find out

What I am looking for

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