Gender Woman
I am looking for: Man (37-42)
Zip Code: 44107
Age: 43
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Body: Full Figured
Ethnicity White
Education: Masters Degree
Job: Education
Has Kids: No


I was born and raised in the Greater Cleveland area and remain fiercely loyal to my home town/state.

I'm shy. Like, stupidly, ridiculously shy.

My favorite thing about the place I live is that it is very geographically close to the city. I like being able to take the train in to Tower City and then walking to wherever I'm going (usually Progressive Field).

Things I am not: a small-talker. That is not my forte. It's a necessary evil, but I haven't navigated how to engage in small talk that quickly falls apart and then it's uncomfortable, awkward silence.

Professionally, I am employed as an elementary music teacher; personally, I'm taking things as they come and trying to live in the moment. I go to church (UCC), read, listen to podcasts (mostly of the true crime sort and adjacent topics, but also some just silly comedic podcasts), and occasionally knit scarves. Recently I joined a regional semi-professional chorus, that I enjoy singing in very much.

As an extension of my faith and left-leaning morals

What I am looking for

I would like to find someone who is down-to-earth, relaxed and has an optimistic outlook on life. Someone who can be silly and not worry about whether or not he is making a fool of himself. Someone with a sense of humor who can make me laugh, but who also can have deep, philosophical, what's-it-all-about conversations, and also debate trivial things like, Which looks better, white Christmas lights or colorful Christmas lights?. The answer is colorful. Always colorful. If you are a white lights devotee, then I am sorry but we are not meant to be. And you must be a Browns fan. Steelers fans need not apply.