Gender Woman
I am looking for: Man (37-65)
Zip Code: 00119
Age: 37
Height: 3 ft. 0 in.
Body: Slender
Ethnicity White
Education: High School
Job: Computers Hardware
Has Kids: No


This is not the first time here ... and I can draw conclusions that are interesting to me about men, and, accordingly, about your preferences. So:
Sweet and intelligent, tender and supple. I work as an average manager (I’m the head of Nizya, I’ll scare him away), I sometimes go to the gym (there is a chance that weight will not appear), I don’t smoke, I don’t drink or use drugs. I solve my problems myself. Ready for sex on the first night. I don’t like restaurants and social life. I don’t like flowers and I don’t need to give them flowers. Cosmetics, underwear and a phone were bought and paid for five years in advance! I don’t need gifts. Ready to listen to you for five hours with open mouth. I don’t need to call in, I’ll get to you myself, I’ll seduce you, then I will cook you dinner in silence and go home, I will close the door myself too. After your call, I’ll come again, I’ll seduce myself and I’ll leave. If you are married, I will patiently wait for you in my apartment, listen carefully about your wife, children, vacation with your family and your problems. I will never ask you to fix a tap or change a light bulb, this is enough for you in the family. And God forbid you offer me financial help! I'm not a prostitute! I have everything! From you I only need sex and talk about your problems! I also need to add that I decide the issue of contraception myself ... for an adult already, why do you need to worry ?!

What I am looking for

Strong men are not interested, let fools love them! You can be married. With a full set of communal apartments, an evil mom, prostatitis, hemorrhoids and weak potency. The oligarchs are not interested, everyone will love the oligarch, but I’m special, I’m not looking for easy ways! It is advisable that you write with errors, speak obscenities and smoke in bed during a blow job. I love men in boots with sharp noses, a hat with ears, white socks. I would be very glad for cheap cognac, Shapman and chocolate Alpen Gold.