Gender Woman
I am looking for: Man (25-55)
Zip Code: 21213
Age: 38
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Body: Average
Ethnicity Black
Education: Associates Degree
Job: Healthcare
Has Kids: Yes, living with me


I am five six approximately 170 to 175 lb curvy proportion and shape I'm light brown skin caramel complected I'm told him beautiful to each his own I have a very outgoing personality I speak my mind but in the beginning I'm very shy I have to feel you out get to know you a little bit I like to do things to make me laugh I love a man that can make me laugh I like to do things that's just you know I'm different and just spur-of-the-moment I'm one of them cool girls them laid-back girls I'm not want out those roudy type of women going thru ya phone, insecure I've been through all that I don't have time for that today so if you looking for cool laid-back relax that's me if not looking n u looking for a quick fix a quick bang bang that's not me don't hit me with that I'm particularly looking for a friend someone that we is
cool too and that it turns into more possibly if not that's cool but that's who I am and I hope that you like it but if you need to know more hit me up and I can surely ask her any questions you have. And I forgot to mention that I am a affiliated with the military my dad was in the military my mom was a military wife.

What I am looking for

So I like different things I want something different like someone thinking outside the box and making up a date and I don't know where we're going on we're just surprised me I like that I like people to think of me when I don't think they are and to show some of gratitude or you know just show me that they thinking of me when I'm thinking that they not I just like a grateful person because I'm grateful and I'm looking for my Mr. Wonderful so if you are here hit me up if you like what you see I'm not looking for one night stand I'm not looking for you know sex and mingle type of thing you know I'm looking for a friend that's the time to possibly more thank you.